Capricho Portuguese Kitchen

Capricho Portuguese Kitchen brings the flavour and feeling of Portugal to you with a trendy, modern menu and inviting atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Barkingside Essex, our restaurant's aesthetic is both chic and relaxed, with contemporary food and wine that represents authentic Portuguese cuisine with a modern touch. Our menu is bold and innovative, with a focus on fresh ingredients and innovative flavours. Stop by for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack and enjoy our wonderful atmosphere and delicious food.

1 Broadway Parade Fencepiece Road
Barkingside IG6 2JU | @Caprichoportuguesekitchen

Portuguese Chicken Dish

Petiscos, Tapas & Small Plates

Sample a variety of delicious dishes with our Portuguese small plates & bar snacks. These delectable bite-sized dishes showcase an exquisite range of Portuguese ingredients and tastes.

They are perfect for a quick snack with a delicious Sangria, or to sample our continually updating variety of options. From clams fried in white wine and garlic to grilled peaches with pan-fried chicken, there's something for every taste in our extensive selection.

Image of Portuguese style pizza

Artisan Gins, Craft Beers & Authentic Wines

We stock an ever-growing range of artisanal gins, beers, and wines that showcase a wide variety of Portuguese flavours and experiences.

From our delicious and authentic Sangria to a wide variety of exquisite Portuguese gins, our drinks menu is suited to any palate. Portugal is well-known for its exquisite wines, producing a number of exceptional vintages. Our wine list is filled with exciting Portuguese wines and Ports, giving you a true taste of Portugal in every glass.

Cup of coffee with coffee beans

Experience Portugal

Step into an inviting, comfortable environment bustling with Portuguese flavour, and fun. From the Latin music and friendly hospitality to the exquisite quality of our food,

we offer a cosy, elegant atmosphere along with stunning food.

With an unassuming environment and a wide selection of delectable dishes, wines, and fully stocked bar, Capricho Portuguese Kitchen offers a Portuguese dining experience you’re sure to remember.

Fruits, meats and cheeses on a cutting board
Bottle and Glass of Tinto Portuguese Gin

Portuguese Seafood dish
Portuguese Dessert
Bottle of Porto Quinta da Gaivosa - Portuguese wine
Octopus and Vegetable Dish
Portuguese Dish